Updated: 8/5/04
Update time again!  I am very excited to announce that the first chapter of Part 2 is up and ready to read.  In other exciting news, I am proud to host a fanfiction by Queen Breeza!  Check it out here.  I also fixed the link to Coffee with Bardock and Oritsu….I hope.  You can find a few new links, so go and check those out.  I've been thinking about starting a Webring Shrine to Turles.  If you have Turles-related fanfiction, fanart, doujinshi, cosplay, etc. please email or IM me because I would like to get that going ASAP.  Also, if people could start petitioning fanfiction.net to actually add Turles to the DBZ character list that would awesome too (*mutters to self*: that damn cat P'uar gets on the friggin' list but not Turles...grumble grumble…..).

Past Updates

"Who the hell are you?!  Oh, I see, you've come to join my corps.  Well, here's my answer: You're a pathetic weakling and it'll be a cold day in hell before I ever let you in."

Oh, stuff it you big jerk.

"What?!  Oritsu!  How did you get here?"

It's a small underworld, baby.  Honestly, how long did you think it would take for me to find you?

"I'm surprised you didn't find me the moment I stepped foot in here."  [gives Oritsu a smug look]  "I've been quite the talk of hell these days, what with--"

--Being defeated by a weakling Saiyan, and your twin brother, no less?  [laughs]  That's what I heard, Turles.

[Snarls and lunges at Oritsu]  "That's not what I meant you stupid little two-bit--"

[Dodges easily and smirks]  Oooh, I love it when you talk dirty to me!

"Grrrrr!  Hey!  Who in the hell do you think you are?"  [swings at Oritsu]

[Blocks Turles' fist and pins him against a column of brimstone]  I'm master of this site, tough guy. So you better be a good little monkey and do what I say.

[Struggles to free himself from her grip]  "Last time I checked, the site was named after me."

Well, what can I say, you're just so cute and pathetic I had to name it after you.

[A string of growls and expletives]

Shut up.  [Smirks]

Sorry about that, Turles can get a little riled up every now and then, though I'm usually the cause.
[laughs]  Anyway, I'm Oritsu, the web-mistress of The Turles Corps.  I'm here to answer any questions you may have regarding Turles or The Turles Corps, along with any you have about me.  Make sure to check out the Fanfiction section, featuring a story about Turles and yours truly and an absolutely gorgeous display of Fan Art, if I do say so myself.  Please contact me with any comments, suggestions, or questions you may have regarding my Fanfiction, Featured Art, or my site in general.  Have fun!  If you want to reach me, you can either email me at oritsusp@hotmail.com or chat with me on AOL Instant Messenger (sn: OritsuSP).

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